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Applications Of Laser Displacement Sensor – An Introduction

The laser displacement sensor is a new type of sensor and it can give us plenty of information. This article will introduce what is it and the applications of the laser displacement sensor.

What is the laser displacement sensor?

A laser displacement sensor is a device that uses a laser beam to measure the displacement distance between two objects. It can be used to measure the thickness of an object, the width of a gap, or the position of an object in space. Laser displacement sensors are used in a variety of applications, including manufacturing, quality control, and research and development.

Applications of the laser displacement sensor

Laser displacement sensors are used in a variety of applications where precise measurements are required. Some common applications include:

  1. Determination of rubber thickness
  2. Tire shape detection
  3. Camshaft shape detection
  4. Height detection of chip parts
  5. Confirmation of the accuracy of the car body
  6. Engine position determination


In conclusion, laser displacement sensors have a wide range of applications in many different industries. They are precise, reliable, and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for measuring distance and displacement. If you think a laser displacement sensor could benefit your business, then get in touch with SmartMoreInside today to find out more.

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