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Empowering Efficient Antenna Measurements with Sunyield’s Near Field Measurement Technology

In the realm of wireless communication, precise antenna measurements are crucial for optimal performance. Sunyield, a leading provider of advanced antenna measurement solutions, has developed cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way near field measurements are conducted. Their expertise in this field is evident in their innovative products, such as the near field measurement system, which offers unparalleled speed, real-time display capabilities, and powerful functionality.

Accelerating Measurements with Symmetrical Probe Distribution

Sunyield’s near field measurement system utilizes a symmetrical distribution of probes, resulting in accelerated measurement processes. Under normal circumstances, a 180-degree horizontal rotation allows for complete 3D measurements of objects. This streamlined approach significantly reduces measurement time, enabling businesses to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Display for Enhanced Analysis

Sunyield’s near field measurement system boasts an impressive real-time display feature. Users can conveniently view the active and passive directivity diagrams, as well as monitor active power and sensitivity in real-time. This valuable functionality empowers businesses to make immediate observations and adjustments, ensuring accurate and optimal antenna performance.

Power and Flexibility for Diverse Applications

The near field measurement system by Sunyield offers powerful functionality that caters to a wide range of measurement needs. It supports passive measurement in the 400MHz-8.5GHz frequency band, and with a simple upgrade, high-frequency passive testing can be achieved. This versatility makes it suitable for both active and passive measurements of large antennas, with a particular emphasis on BTS antennas. Businesses can rely on this comprehensive system to obtain reliable and precise measurements for their antenna systems.


Sunyield’s near field measurement system empowers businesses with advanced technology and functionality, revolutionizing the way antenna measurements are performed. With its symmetrical probe distribution, accelerated measurement processes become a reality, saving valuable time and resources. The real-time display feature allows for immediate analysis and adjustments, ensuring optimal antenna performance. Furthermore, the system’s versatility in supporting passive measurements across a wide frequency range makes it an invaluable tool for various applications, including BTS antenna measurements. Sunyield’s commitment to delivering innovative and powerful solutions solidifies their position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to achieve precise and efficient antenna measurements.

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