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Enhancing Medical Equipment Supply with Wellead Medical Clearpetra

Wellead Medical, a well-established leader in the medical equipment industry, is proud to present its flagship product, Wellead Medical Clearpetra. Designed specifically for clients, Clearpetra offers a range of advanced features and solutions that elevate the standards of medical equipment supply. With its exceptional quality and reliable performance, Clearpetra has become the clear choice for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Maximizing Stone Clearance with the ClearPetra System

Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra system facilitates efficient urinary stone treatment. Its patented negative pressure aspiration technology creates a vortex, reducing luminal pressure and preventing stone migration. Continuous irrigation and suction simultaneously improve visualization by removing debris and fragments directly through the sheath’s side port.

This innovative design maximizes stone clearance compared to traditional methods. No additional devices are needed to effectively capture and withdraw fragments. Operative times are also shortened.

Dedicated Support for Procurement Needs

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, ClearPetra reliably fulfills these performance advantages. Accurate visuals are assured for proper diagnosis and treatment guidance. Partnering facilities gain a cutting-edge solution that simplifies lithotripsy and optimizes patient outcomes. Wellead Medical’s industry leadership and specialized customer assistance further underscore the benefits of its ClearPetra system for any urological practice. Healthcare providers can confidently manage stone disease utilizing this trusted technology.


Wellead Medical Clearpetra is revolutionizing the medical equipment industry with its exceptional features and reliable supply solutions. Healthcare professionals can rely on Clearpetra’s cutting-edge material technology, enhanced clarity, and superior durability for accurate diagnostics and precise treatments. With Wellead Medical’s wholesale options and reliable delivery services, clients can experience uninterrupted supply and elevate their medical equipment offerings. Choose Wellead Medical Clearpetra and unlock a new level of excellence in medical equipment supply.

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