Rules for Playing Baccarat Online Hundred Games Hundred Wins at New88

Rules of playing Baccarat onlineThis is the basic thing players need to understand before going into online betting. Although the rules of the game are simple, not all players understand the meaning and place bets successfully. If you are a new player, don’t skip this article Nhà cái New88 Please!

Baccarat  New88 What is that?

Baccarat is a betting game of chance that is quite large and is found in most online casinos. Especially at the bookmaker New88, this game from the first day of its launch has attracted a large number of players to access and experience.

This game is based on the principle of using a deck of 52 cards mainly. In Rules of playing Baccarat online, players just need to decide to bet on one of three main possible outcomes: Player’s hand (also known as Player), Banker’s hand (also known as Banker), or Tie. .

The player’s main goal of this game is to predict which side will have a total score closest to number 9. The special thing at New88 The bonus rate for each bet is extremely attractive, thereby helping players seize the opportunity and win big.

Rules for playing Baccarat online: 100% chance to win at New88

Baccarat is not simply a game based on luck, it is also a world of strategy and intelligence. So that players can have the standard way to play and achieve the highest efficiency. Below we will reveal some basic rules of the game, please follow and remember:

Rules for dealing Baccarat cards

According to the regulations of Rules of playing Baccarat online in New88, the way of dealing cards is simply understood as follows:

  • Cards with the value of number 1 and number 3: will be dealt by the dealer at the Player’s door.
  • Cards with values ​​2 and 4: will be dealt by the dealer’s dealer at the Banker’s door.
  • Cards with the value 5 and 6: will win New88 Use to draw the 3rd card.

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Draw a third card – the  Rules of playing Baccarat online are sure to win

The draw of the third card in the bet depends on many factors, of which the most important factor is the score that each side holds in hand after the dealer deals the first 2 cards. The rules for drawing a third card when playing Baccarat are specified by the house as follows:

  • For Player bets:
    • If the player owns a score of 0 – 5 points, the dealer will give him the right to draw a third card.
    • If the player owns the score of 2 cards in hand from 6 to 9 points, New88 will request to stop drawing cards.
  • For Banker door:
    • The card draw will depend on the player’s third card when the score of the first 2 cards is in the range from 0 to 5.
    • In this case, the player will be able to draw 1 more card if the total score of the 2 cards in hand is within the range of 0 -2 points.

How to calculate points according to online Baccarat rules

Calculating points when betting Baccarat online requires players to have a certain understanding and smart, careful calculations:

  • Card A: According to regulations Rules of playing Baccarat online is considered 1 point.
  • Cards with values ​​from 10 to K: Including face cards and 10s New88 Overall, 0 points.
  • Cards have values ​​from 2 to 9: according to the rules of New88 Points will be calculated according to the numerical value printed on the card.

10-point rule: In case the total score of all cards on the Banker or Player betting side has a total value greater than 10, the member only takes the digit of the units line as the final total. This means that if you have a 9 and a 5, the total number is 14, then it only counts as 4 points.

Note that according to the rules of online Baccarat, bets should be avoided

To make the betting process go as smoothly and quickly as possible, below we will give some basic notes, please pay attention:

  • Learn and grasp the rules of playing Baccarat New88.
  • Play with a clear strategy and goal.
  • According to Rules of playing Baccarat online, players should divide their betting capital and manage it carefully through each hand to avoid big risks.
  • You should play with a stop and a time limit to bet on Baccarat, avoid playing for too long, leading to reduced concentration and unsatisfactory results.
  • New players should absolutely avoid breaking the shuttlecock in case the shuttlecock is flat because the risk rate is extremely high.
  • A draw usually has a high reward rate but the chance of winning is very low.


Hopefully through this article, bettors will get a lot of necessary information Rules of playing Baccarat online. Wishing you guys have fun gaming moments and win many great prizes New88 let’s go home. Don’t forget to follow our website so you don’t miss out on good betting information!

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