Thai Hi Lo – 9 Bet Types and Easy Winning Tips with Nhacaiuytin

Thai Hi Lo Nowadays, it is listed as one of the most popular Sic Bo games. At many bookmakers, this is still an online game that attracts a large number of betting enthusiasts. If you want to become a gaming expert, you will not be able to ignore the article below Nhacaiuytin about the 9 best bet types!

Some basic information about  Thai Hi Lo

Thai Hi LoThere is another name called Thai Sic Bo because the origin of this game is from the Thai Sicbo game. Compared to the traditional version, playing online games will have many new and attractive features. Therefore, many people will be unable to resist and choose to participate in this game.

Thanks to its attractive interface, sophisticated graphic techniques with Thai girls sitting and rolling dice,… This game has built a strong position in the betting market thanks to its uniqueness and proportion. those eyelids. Most people who have participated in the game for the first time will want to come back to play again and again. In many countries around the world, specifically Vietnam, Thai Hi Lo all attract the large participation of the player community.

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Detailed instructions on how to play  Thai Hi Lo

How to play Thai Hi Lo Extremely simple: First, participants place bets on the bets on the table. Then, in a bowl, you will see the dealer roll 3 dice. The bowl will be opened at the end of the betting time to display the results of the 3 dice just rolled. At this time, you can win and be rewarded when the results of the 3 dice match the bet result. In case you lose, you will lose the amount you initially bet.

Score 9 types of bets in the game  Thai Hi Lo

In the content below, we will learn with you about 9 types of bets in the game Thai Hi Lo, let’s see now.

Bet Hi Lo

Hi Lo betting is the first type of betting you should know. Because this is a bet on the total score of 3 dice, it is quite easy to understand. If the bet matches the displayed result, the participant will win. Note, here, the total score of 3 dice from 12-17 points is called “Hi”. The total score of the 3 dice is from 4 to 10, which means “Lo”.

Bet 11 Hilo

The 11 Hilo bet means the total score of the 3 dice that the player bet is 11. When the bet matches the displayed result, the winning side is the player.

Bet 6,5,1 Lo

Betting 6,5,1 Lo is also one of the types of bets Thai Hi Lo quite interested. Here, you are choosing to play by betting on 1 of 3 dice appearing in the 3 numbers 6,5,1. Don’t forget that the total score of the 3 dice is Lo!

Bet 3 Lo

Betting 3 Lo means betting that 1 of the 3 dice will appear 3. The total score of the three dice is Lo, which is in the range of 4-10 points. If the displayed result is any set of 3, the player will lose.

Bet 6 Hi

If you are interested in betting 6 Hi in Thai Hi Lo, you need to understand that this is a type of bet that 1 out of 3 dice will appear 6. With the total score of 3 dice being Hi, meaning it is in the range of 12-17 points.

Bet 4 Hi

It can be simply understood that betting 4 Hi is betting that 1 of the 3 dice will appear 4. The total score of the 3 dice is Hi (ranging from 12 to 17 points). If the displayed result is any set of 3, the player loses.

Bet on a specific number

Betting on a specific number means you need to bet on a specific number. When there is a chance to win, your bonus amount will also be multiplied accordingly.

Bet on 2 specific numbers

With betting on 2 specific numbers, participants need to bet on any 2 numbers on 2 sides of the dice. At the same time, the player will win if out of the 3 dice displayed, 2 bet results appear.

Bet on 3 specific numbers

If you want to bet on 3 specific numbers, of course, you need to bet on any 3 numbers on 3 dice. You will win and bring your reward when 2 out of 3 numbers appear in the results of the 3 dice.

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Tips for playing the  Thai Hi Lo game are the simplest and easiest to understand with Nhacaiuytin

Here are some playing tips Thai Hi Lo According to experience from long-time experts, you can refer to it!

Play the game according to a clear strategy

When winning continuously, don’t be too greedy. When you lose many times, don’t get angry. You should not place too much emphasis on winning or losing, leading to psychological instability and making incorrect decisions.

Focus on observing and understanding the rules of the dice

When you really focus on observing and watching the game, there is a very high chance that you can find the rules of the dice. Understanding the rules of dice will help you make accurate judgments. At the same time, make more appropriate decisions in the next games. Therefore, do not be negligent when participating Thai Hi Lo, but always pay close attention to the rules of the dice!

Choose  Thai Hi Lo table with appropriate bet level

If you see a place where many people participate, you can refer to it. Because there may be a lot of good luck there, that’s why it’s so attractive. However, be careful not to exceed your financial resources to avoid being left empty-handed and bringing debt to your family.

Bet on top players

If you are a person who does not have much experience and is participating in the game for the first time, you should follow the experts in the profession. Because they are the ones who can understand exactly the rules of the game as well as the rules of the dice Thai Hi Lo to create your own chances of winning.

The playing style of a master will not be the same as any new player. In them, you will see flexibility and constant tactical changes that are difficult to recognize.

Maintain your mentality throughout the game

A strong mentality will help players make the most accurate decisions in their game. People who always value emotions and disregard reason will find it difficult to stabilize their mood. But the truth is, if you cannot control your own emotions, it will be very difficult for you to win. Thai Hi Lo.

Psychology has a great influence on each person’s thinking, luck and decisions in all fields, not just with betting games. Instead of betting based on unstable emotions, use reasoning, analytical ability and your own mind to make decisions. Surely, you will realize that the results are developing in a much more positive direction than making decisions based on the sensitivity of your mood.

The above article has compiled for you 9 popular bet types and playing tips Thai Hi Lo easiest to win. Just by understanding this information, your chances of winning will definitely increase much higher. Don’t forget, if you want to find a reputable place to participate in betting games, visit Nhacaiuytin right away!

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