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Use This LED Strip Light For So Many Awesome Applications

LED strips are a convenient and cost-effective way to add decorative lighting to your home or office. These strips come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the best suits your needs. Get some LED Strip Lights of your own today!

Types of LED Strip Light

There are a few types of LED Strip Lights that you can use for various applications.

  1. CCFL/LED Strip Light: This type of light uses incandescent light bulbs as the backlight but replaces them with small, energy-efficient LEDs. They’re popular in signs and marquees, where uniformity and brightness are important.
  2. SMD LED Strip Light: These strips use small, surface-mount LEDs instead of the traditional bigger ones. They’re perfect for delicate applications like jewelry or watches because they’re less likely to cause damage.
  3. RGB LED Strip Light: This type uses a mix of red, green, and blue LEDs to create a variety of colors, and they’re perfect for adding excitement to any setting – from gaming boards to TVs!
  4. DMX LED Strip Light: This type uses a computer to control the color and brightness of the LEDs, making it perfect for stage lighting or special effects.

Applications of the LED Strip Light

The versatility of LED strip light is why it is being implemented in so many applications. Some of these include:

Venue/Garden pathway lighting

Worksite safety lighting

Business signage and enhanced display lighting

Architecture accent lighting and outlining

Recreational lighting for boats, RVs, vehicles, and more

Under-cabinet and hard-to-reach location lighting

Backlighting for light-sensitive areas

creating an effect in photos or videos

highlighting text or objects in photos or videos

And more!


If you are interested in the LED strip light, Refond offers a wide range of applications for practically any need or challenge facing your business, space, or product design. We have more than 20 years of experience as an industry leader and are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Contact Refond today to schedule a consult with our excellent support team.

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