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What Are Quartz Slabs, And Why Should You Care?

Quartz slab is an extremely durable material that doesn’t chip or crack, making it ideal for countertops. This article makes an introduction to quartz stone slabs and gives recommendations on top-grade quartz slabs.

Quartz stone slabs are inspired by nature stones and then engineered in various colors, textures, designs, veins, and some solid features throughout a rigorous production process to bring a satisfying user experience.

Artificial quartz stone slab is a type of rock known for its many different colors and patterns. With a hard feature, a quartz slab is perfect for flooring and other construction projects. They are popular as flooring materials because they are very affordable and can be installed quickly. If you are looking for a unique addition to your home, quartz slabs may be the perfect option for you.

Different types of quartz slabs and their common uses

Quartz stone is a type of mineral that is found in many different colors and shapes. These quartz slabs can be cut and used in various ways, including as flooring, countertops, ornaments, and more. Here are some of the quartz slabs recommendations:

BITTO BQ1109 Calacatta black quartz stone is a high-end antimicrobial quartz plate. The mysterious black of the quartz stone with white veining exudes a unique high-end aura. BITTO black quartz with white veins’ non-porous polished surface is treated with nano-coating that not only gives the quartz surface a bright color but with a unique antibacterial treatment and corrosion resistance. Whether in commercial or residential areas, black quartz stone can create a stylish and high-end atmosphere.

BITTO BQ1038 white Cararra quartz has 2 versions: Super white background and translucent background. With gray veins, lighter in color and soft in texture, very natural look. This white quartz with subtle veining is very attractive. The clean white surface looks stylish and beautiful. And can be used to add color to any space where white is the dominant color. BITTO white quartz with gray veins is popular quartz countertops today.

Just look around at popular social media posts or trend-setting review magazines, and you will find that most people are moving to artificial quartz stone slabs for countertops around the home, business, or work settings. If you are interested in purchasing quartz slabs, BITTO quartz won’t let you down.

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