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CNC Turning Manufacturing: What Is It And How Does It Compare To CNC Machining

CNC turning manufacturing is a process in which the workpiece is rotated on a horizontal axis and then various operations are carried out with the aid of cutting tools. This article will explain how this method of manufacturing is different from CNC machining.

What is CNC Turning Manufacturing?

CNC turning is a manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled turning machines to produce parts from a variety of materials. Compared to traditional machining methods, CNC turning offers several advantages, including increased accuracy, speed, and flexibility.

How does it compare to CNC machining?

The main difference between CNC turning and other types of machining is that the cutting tools are moved directly on the workpiece rather than through an intermediary material. This allows for greater accuracy and precision in the final product.

In addition, CNC turning machines are much faster than traditional machining equipment. This allows for shorter production cycles and higher output volumes. Finally, CNC turning is well suited for intricate parts and shapes that are difficult or impossible to machine using other methods.

What are the functions of a CNC turning manufacturing machine?

  1. Manufacturing large parts and assemblies quickly and efficiently – CNC turning machines can quickly produce complex parts and assemblies using high-quality, precision cutting tools. This makes them ideal for high-volume, low-margin products where speed is important.
  2. Ensuring accuracy -CNC turning machines use calibrated positioning systems to ensure precise cuts every time. This means less time spent reworking flawed parts and more time focused on getting products to market faster.
  3. Offering flexibility – CNC Turning allows for a great deal of flexibility in part design – meaning you can create complex parts with ease. This makes it an excellent choice for custom or bespoke manufacturing needs.


If these factors sound appealing to you and you’re ready to start learning more about how this process works, be sure to check out Huapin and find more details about CNC tuning manufacturing.

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