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Elevate Your Home Security with akubela’s SmartPanel: A Game Changer

It is crucial to protect your home’s safety in today’s hectic society. akubela‘s SmartPanel, powered by Zigbee 3.0, is here to revolutionize your home security setup. No more worries about burglaries, water leaks, or fires disrupting your peace of mind. The SmartPanel serves as the cornerstone of your home security system, seamlessly connecting a wide range of smart sensors to create a comprehensive defense against any threats.

Smart Intercom, Smart Living

Imagine a home where you can communicate effortlessly, whether it’s with visitors at your door, family members in different rooms, or even remotely unlocking your door. With the SmartPanel, this vision becomes a reality. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple intercom units and alarm panels. This intelligent device not only ensures the security of your home but also acts as a sleek and efficient intercom system. Enjoy crisp audio and video calls, communicate with loved ones effortlessly, and take control of your front door from anywhere with the SmartPanel.

Your Lifestyle, Your Control

The akubela SmartPanel puts you in the driver’s seat of your home security and automation. It offers customization options that simplify home control to fit your lifestyle. Create customized scenes or schedules effortlessly, ensuring your home adapts to your daily routines. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to take immediate control, whether through the SmartPanel itself, voice commands, or the innovative akubela app. It’s not just about security; it’s about convenience and making your life easier.


akubela’s SmartPanel redefines the way we approach home security and automation. It’s more than just a smart hub; it’s a game-changer that brings peace of mind and convenience to your daily life. With its seamless integration, smart intercom capabilities, and user-friendly controls, the SmartPanel sets the standard for the future of home security and automation. Elevate your home security today with akubela’s SmartPanel and embrace a smarter, safer way of living.

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