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Enhance Your Spinning Experience with Fitcare’s PW217B Crank Power Meter

Fitcare’s PW217B crank power meter is a cutting-edge cycling power sensor designed specifically for spinning bikes. This spinning bike power meter delivers real-time data on riding power and cadence through the pedalling motion, empowering cyclists to track and improve their performance with precision.

Precision and Reliability

Equipped with high-precision strain sensors and Fitcare‘s proprietary algorithm, the PW217B crank power meter guarantees accuracy in capturing and outputting raw data during customer’s spinning sessions. Whether you’re engaging in high-intensity sprints or endurance rides, this spinning bike power meter ensures consistent performance, maintaining its accuracy and reliability across various resistance levels and training scenarios.

Seamless Connectivity and Compatibility

The PW217B crank power meter supports dual-mode transmission via Bluetooth and ANT, following the standard cycling power protocol. This feature allows seamless integration with a wide range of terminals and applications, including popular platforms like ZWIFT, BKOOL, ROUVY, Wahoo Fitness, and THINKRIDER. With extensive compatibility options, cyclists can easily connect the spinning bike power meter to their preferred training environments for enhanced data tracking and analysis.

Customized Solutions for Your Crank

Featuring a square crank interface, the Fitcare PW217B crank power meter is designed to be compatible with most mainstream spinning bikes. Fitcare offers a comprehensive one-stop service for customizing the spinning bike power meter to meet specific requirements and preferences. The tailored solutions provided ensure that cyclists can optimize their training experience with a crank power meter that suits their individual needs and preferences.


In conclusion, Fitcare’s PW217B crank power meter is a versatile and advanced spinning bike power sensor that offers cyclists precision, reliability, and compatibility in tracking their riding power and cadence. With its high accuracy, seamless connectivity, and customizable solutions, the PW217B empowers cyclists to optimize their spinning experience and take their performance to the next level.

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