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Great Power’s Outdoor Battery Systems: Revolutionizing Commercial Energy Storage

Great Power‘s Magna-C&amp&I series represents a paradigm shift in commercial battery storage systems. With models like Magna-C&amp&I-233AC and Magna-C&amp&I-215AC, businesses gain access to outdoor liquid-cooling battery systems designed specifically for Commercial and Industrial (C&amp&I) applications.

Safety and Reliability Redefined

Safety is paramount in commercial energy storage, and Great Power prioritizes this aspect in its outdoor battery systems. Each pack is equipped with individual control mechanisms, eliminating circulating currents and effectively preventing DC short-circuit currents. This meticulous design ensures that businesses can trust Great Power’s solutions for their critical energy storage needs.

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When it comes to commercial energy storage, Great Power sets the standard for safety and reliability. The Magna-C&I series exemplifies this commitment, offering businesses peace of mind knowing that their energy storage systems are built to the highest safety standards.

Enhanced Performance and Ease of Maintenance

In addition to safety features, Great Power’s outdoor battery systems boast impressive performance metrics. The long cycle life, with inhomogeneity levels below 1.6°, enables cells to increase their cycle life by up to 30%. Moreover, with a standardized non-uniformity of over 95%, businesses can expect consistent and reliable performance across their energy storage infrastructure.

The modular design of Great Power’s outdoor battery systems further enhances their appeal. This design facilitates easy combination, installation, and maintenance, streamlining the process for businesses and reducing operational downtime.


In summary, Great Power’s commercial battery storage systems redefine commercial energy storage, offering tailored solutions for C&I applications that prioritize safety, reliability, and performance. With features like individual pack control, long cycle life, and modular design, businesses can trust Great Power to deliver cutting-edge energy storage solutions that meet their evolving needs with ease and efficiency.

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