Hengli Group: Adhere To The Road of Green Development

When Fortune China published its first ESG Influence List 2022, 40 Chinese firms were honored for their outstanding efforts to safeguard their workers, improve the environment, and support their communities. It was an honor for Hengli Group to be included.

Hengli Group: Persistence in Green Development

Hengli Group has been on a “high quality, low energy, and smart” development route for the past 28 years. The Hengli Group’s four businesses have received recognition as national “green factories.” Hengli Group also used technology to improve sewage treatment, reduce solid waste discharge, reduce emissions, and save energy.

Hengli Group: Create a green garden factory

Hengli will continue to adhere to the “ecological priority, green development”, with higher environmental protection standards and greater efforts, and make great efforts in flue gas treatment, waste water recycling, solid waste disposal, waste heat utilization, etc., to create “the safest, most Environmentally friendly, internally excellent, externally beautiful” world-class parks, build more exquisite green factories and garden-style parks.


Hengli Group places a high value on environmental protection and has produced legendary outcomes. The key to Hengli’s future development is green sustainability, which serves as both the company’s driving force in the face of the future. In the future, Hengli Group will continue to put its primary emphasis on high-end manufacturing, promote corporate innovation, intelligence, and green development, and work hard in its environmental, social, and governance responsibilities to create a symbiosis between industrial development and ecological environmental protection while giving equal weight to the positive effects on the economy and society. Welcome to the Hengli Group’s environmental protection partnership.

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