How Can You Earn Through KuCoin Referral Bonus

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, and more people are interested in it. There are many crypto exchange platforms that you can use for your trading and investment, but it is very important to choose the best platform. KuCoin is the best crypto trading platform that provides real-time crypto prices of more than 600 coins. This platform offers many ways by which the users can earn a profit.

It has high support for trading and investment and provides graphs, predictions, and news about all the coins. More than that, if you are unwilling to take any risk, it can provide you with risk-free ways to earn a profit. The kuCoin Referral Program is the best and most popular feature by which you can earn money easily by recommending others to KuCoin.

This article will discuss how you can earn through the KuCoin referral bonus. So let’s get started.

How To Join The Kucoin Referral Program?

The process of inviting friends with KuCoin is very easy. You can easily get your referral link and invite to earn the stars that can later be converted into USDT and other coins. Follow these steps to join the referral program:

  • Create your KuCoin account and complete the KYC registration process.
  • Now tap on your profile picture to open the account setting and tap on the referral program.
  • It will generate your referral link and code that you can send to your friends on any platform.

How To Earn Profits By Referral Program?

You can invite 5 people daily, and the monthly limit is 30. When the invited person progresses on KuCoin, you will get the stars. With more stars, you can unlock bigger prizes. Once the person joins KuCoin by your referral link and is verified by KYC2, you will get a star. If the invitee deposits more than 100 USDT, you will get 33 stars. You will get an additional 33 stars on spot trading and futures trading of more than 100 USDT, respectively. If the user is not verified on KYC2, you will get 30 stars instead of 33 on each milestone achievement.

So the maximum number of stars by each invitee is 100 (1 by KYC2, 33 by deposit, 33 by spot trading, and 33 by future trading)

How To Convert Stars Into USDT?

There are 10 levels of awards that you can unlock by the stars. You can say that 20 stars are equivalent to 1 USDT. You can unlock the reward of up to 1000 USDT with 40,000 stars. The total amount you can earn in the referral program is 2,686 USDT. That is not less when there is no risk, and you have to send the referral links to your friends.


Referral programs are a great way to profit if you are unwilling to take the risk. The effort is minimum, and the reward is high. Many people think that referral programs and affiliate programs are the same, but they are different; you can not register in both at the same time.

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