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Learn about 2nd handicap with the most attractive odds today

In the online betting market in Vietnam today, Asian handicaps always have the upper hand, with an extremely large number of visitors every day. In there Handicap 2 at the bookmaker New88 is known as an extremely hot bet, promising to bring you many new and different experiences. To better understand this bet, please read the multi-dimensional information compiled and updated below!
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Discover the advantages of handicap 2

These types of handicaps are probably no longer strange to those who have been betting on soccer for a long time. This type of bet is commonly opened in all large and small football tournaments, from continental to world level. Here, the stronger team will accept a specific number of goals from the weaker team. There is no specific limit to the number of handicaps, but the more different the match, the greater the number of handicaps.

Handicap 2 The fruit belongs to the top Asian Handicap – the extremely hot Asian Handicap, it is also known by another relatively popular name, draw handicap 2. And is similar to Asian handicaps 1/4, 3/ 4, 1 ¼, 2-goal handicap betting appears mainly in matches with a large correlation of forces, the scoring ability of the upper team is extremely good.

The reason is because this handicap rate is actually considered to be quite high. And on the system’s odds tables, the bet will be displayed in the handicap bet section with a ratio of 2.5 – 3. At each different bookmaker, the bonus after each winning handicap bet 2 will have a certain difference. but in general it will be a “huge number”.

How to accurately predict 2nd handicap odds at online bookmakers

With the Asian 2 handicap, you just need to learn a little, and try betting 3 to 4 games to grasp the basic rules of betting. All betting operations are done on the online betting board, so it is relatively convenient and has good security, allowing you to actively participate anytime, anywhere. There will be 3 possibilities in the 2-ball handicap betting model, which are:

Case 1

If a strong team beats a weak team with a large difference of 4 goals or more, those who follow the strong team will win all the prize money. At the same time, those who are unlucky enough to choose the underdog team have to accept the loss of the entire initial capital they bet.

Case 2

The strong team still wins against the weak team, but winning by 2 goals is considered a draw. The house will refund the entire bet amount to both those who follow the upper team and those who follow the lower team. No one loses money and no one wins money.

Case 3

The match ends with a draw or the strong team only beats the lower team by 1 goal, then the person who favors the strong team must accept losing the entire bet. The underdog team is the team that wins the entire bet.

Case 4

In this case, the possibility of happening is lower, but if it happens, it will be a big surprise for all players. That is the case where the underdog team wins. Even if they win with a difference of 1 goal, the underdog still wins, earning a huge bonus, many times the initial capital.
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Catch a 2 handicap with these great tips

Although the 2 handicap is not too difficult to understand, allowing you to bet easily, you cannot for this reason bet arbitrarily. If you do not have experience and are a new player who is still confused, learning and improving the secrets of betting with a hundred wins and a hundred wins among the experts is really necessary.

Experience will ensure you do not lose all your capital and have an advantage when placing bets. Below are also some pretty cool, effective and easy-to-understand tips that you can refer to.

  • Only place bets when you clearly understand the types of handicaps, and at the same time firmly grasp the information surrounding the match, information about the two teams such as: recent performance, head-to-head records, list of players. The player was injured, the strategy that the two pairs pursued…
  • Be flexible in choosing the bet, you don’t always have to follow the higher team. For example, if you see the underdog team playing at home, or their recent performance is extremely good, you can absolutely consider choosing the underdog team. If you see the house edge decreasing from 2 to 1.5 or lower, going with the under is considered a wise choice.
  • In addition, you should choose the right time to bet. Newbies should definitely choose to bet about 10 minutes before the round starts.


Among many different betting odds from Europe to Asia handicap 2 Still worthy of your choice thanks to its outstanding advantages. You can register to place bets right on the house’s website New88 – one of the top quality and reputable bookmakers in Vietnam today. Here, to increase your chances of winning, don’t forget to learn a lot of experience from experts and flexibly apply the secrets and tips we shared above!

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