Mega Lottery 6/55 – Jackpot Fever With Trillion Players Don’t Miss

Mega Lottery 6/55is one of the types of lottery (XS) that is very popular and popular with many people. Many players are very excited about this new XS genre because of the attractiveness of playing and the huge bonuses. So what is special and attractive about the mega 6/55 lottery? All will be revealed in today’s article by New 88
Brief information about Mega 6/55 lottery

The 6/55 lottery format is developed by Vietlott Company Limited, you can choose different numbers depending on the form of participation in the prize. If the ticket matches at least three or more numbers with the announced results, the bonus rate will be calculated according to the rules.

Mega 6/55 lottery is currently drawing prizes continuously at 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The drawing time is 30 minutes and according to Vietlott’s regulations, players must complete the Vietlott ticket purchase transaction online via Momo wallet. Or players must pay offline at least 30 minutes before the prize drawing time.

Winning structure when playing lottery 6/55

Before participating in Mega 6/55 lottery, you need to clearly understand the prize structure, specifically as follows:

Single prize winning structure

For XS 6/55, you choose 6 pairs to form a row, these numbers must be in the range from 01 to 55 and will be displayed on the ticket. Comparing the selected numbers with the drawing results can determine the prize and winnings.

The Jackpot special prize will have a minimum value of 12 billion VND. If after each lottery there is no jackpot winner, the bonus will be accumulated for the next time. If the ticket wins multiple prizes at the same time, of course you will only receive 1 prize with the highest value. If multiple players win the special prize at the same time, the prize will be divided equally according to the reward value corresponding to how many winners there are.

Winning structure for tickets

For the Mega 6/55 lottery ticket form, the player will choose 5 pairs in the set from 01 to 55. The system will select the 6th number from the remaining numbers to create 50 sets to participate. join reward. Each winning set will be a lottery ticket used to compare with the prize drawing results.

Participants will choose from 7 to 18 numbers from the number set 01 to 55 and the software will automatically create sets with 6-number combinations. Players simply need to compare these formed sets with the results to determine the prize.

For the 6/55 lottery, you can choose to play tickets, have more chances of winning and you can do more to win the prize. If you decide to buy more than 6, they will automatically be converted into multiple sets. Each set contains 6 different animals and of course the number is larger or smaller, which affects the number of sets.

The easiest and most effective way to play 6/55 lottery

Playing Mega 6/55 lottery is not difficult, but winning is not simple. Below, the article will guide you on some of the most effective ways to play to help you increase your chances of winning big prizes.

Play Mega 6/55 lottery in envelope form

According to the experience of veteran experts, buying multiple sets at the same time will increase your chances of winning. This method of play is used in the Mega 6/55 lottery called the knapsack method. You can play with bags 5, 7, 15 and 17 as you like.

Play 6/55 lottery with only 1 set of numbers

When participating in the prize, randomly choose 6 numbers in the range from 1 to 45 to participate. From the above results, you can choose your own or a relative’s date of birth and can base it on someone else’s license plate. In addition, you can also let Vietlott’s automatic system randomly select a set of numbers for you.

Those who play Mega 6/55 lottery will often let the machine automatically draw more. As for those who have experience recording lottery numbers, they still believe in manual methods and dream interpretation more. This way, you can take advantage of the jackpot worth tens or even hundreds of millions.
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Participate in multiple 6/55 lottery sessions to increase your chances of winning

In addition to playing multiple numbers in 1 period, you should participate in playing 1 number per period and up to 6 periods. This type is applied by many Mega 6/55 lottery players and receives very positive results.

Above is all information about Mega 6/55 lottery New88 have collected. If there is any more information you want to know, please leave a comment and our staff will respond immediately. Wishing you all the best of luck when participating in the 6/55 lottery.

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