Master the overtime rules in soccer. It will help you easily find the right time to bet. So what does the overtime rule in football mean? Do you know how long extra time in soccer lasts? Let’s new889blue Go find the answer.

What is the overtime rule in soccer?

Injury time rules in football mean talking about the rules regulating the calculation of extra time in a match.

Usually, when a football match takes place. The tournament organizers will stipulate that the match takes place in exactly 2 rounds. The duration of each half must be maintained for the full 45 minutes of play.

Based on the level of violation and unexpected situations on the field. The referee team of the match will agree to set extra time for the match.

For football bettors. Learning about overtime rules in soccer will be very useful. Especially when you make any soccer bets. At that time, the bet result will still be considered including the additional time.

That means if you bet on the first half. At this time, you bet on the first half. It will count as 45 minutes of official kick. Accompanying that is the number of extra time minutes of the first half.

However, in reality, reputable bookmakers will still limit the time allowed for players to bet. That means players will still have a time frame to bet. If the system approves it, then the bet is valid. Otherwise, the bet will not be recognized. Even in the last few minutes of the match.

General regulations on overtime rules in football

The rules for overtime in a football match are discussed and regulated very clearly by FIFA. No matter what tournament it is, overtime must still be played according to the prescribed terms.

During a football match, the possibility of incidents on the field is inevitable. Therefore, at the end of the official 45 minutes of the match. The match organizers will meet and make a decision on the extra time for that half.

For the second half, all procedures will be the same as in the first half. However, the extra time will not be the same.

Depending on the nature and developments of the match. The time limit prescribed by the referee team will vary. But there is still a minimum mark of 1 minute of extra time, while the maximum extra time depends on the decision of the referee team controlling the match.

When announcing the injury time during the match. The referee must be responsible for notifying both teams. By using electronic number boards to announce the overtime period of the match.

The person in charge of the match during extra time will be the main referee. At the end of extra time, the referee must blow the whistle to end the half.

In case additional incidents arise during extra time. All decisions on the field will depend on the referee.

Does soccer betting include extra minutes of extra time?

The issue of overtime rules in football. It may affect the final score of the match. And when we make online soccer bets. It seems that it will also be affected by this extra time.

Because currently, bookmakers make any type of bet. They always add extra time to the official match time.

Suppose, you place a bet on the first half. Then the bet will be valid throughout the 45 minutes of the first half + the extra time specified in the referee.

If you bet without paying attention to this issue, you will often get confused. Or the odds prediction will be very wrong.

Most types of bets are popular and important today. All include additional minutes of extra time. Regardless of which reputable bookmaker you are betting on. This seems to be a binding rule of the bookmakers. Remember, each match time frame will have different odds.

That’s why, when you bet on football online. We need to know exactly how long the contract will last. Only then will you be able to easily calculate and make timely predictions.


So, we have just finished understanding the concept of overtime rules in football. And also know some more information about overtime rules in soccer. No matter what major tournament you’re betting on. Once you have participated in online soccer betting. We still need to know why extra time must be added to a match. And don’t forget to regularly follow our latest shared articles on the websiteNew88 Please.

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