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Pioneering Gene Technology: Tsingke’s Advanced Gene Fragment Synthesis Services

Setting the standard in the biotech industry, Tsingke offers revolutionary gene synthesis services that surpass traditional molecular cloning methods. With tailored synthesis plans designed to meet diverse project specifications, Tsingke ensures that each gene fragment synthesis is precisely customized to client needs. Clients are invited to submit their DNA sequence, and Tsingke guarantees the efficient delivery of the perfectly tailored plasmid containing the desired target gene, making it a vital resource for cutting-edge genetic research.

Accuracy and Reliability in Synthesis

Distinguished by its commitment to perfection, Tsingke guarantees 100% sequence accuracy using both Sanger sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). This rigorous approach makes Tsingke the trusted partner of top research institutions globally, which rely on its gene fragment synthesis services for their critical research projects. The high fidelity of Tsingke’s synthesized gene fragments significantly enhances both the reliability and the outcome of scientific experiments.

Broadening the Scope of Genetic Applications

Leveraging advanced technology in gene fragment synthesis, Tsingke supports a wide array of scientific applications. This versatility enables researchers across various disciplines, including medicine, agriculture, and environmental science, to accelerate their work, from experimental research to practical applications. Tsingke’s contributions are particularly impactful in developing new therapies, improving crop genetics, and exploring novel environmental biotechnologies.


Tsingke continues to lead the way in the field of gene fragment synthesis, propelling the scientific community toward remarkable advancements in genetic engineering. The company’s dedication to providing meticulously accurate and customizable gene synthesis solutions ensures that researchers worldwide have the tools they need to drive innovation and achieve breakthroughs. With Tsingke, the future of genetic research is not only promising but also filled with unlimited potential.

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