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Unleash Your Desktop Sound Experience with Aviator by ESD AcousticStylish and Compact Design for Any Desktop

With its cutting-edge design and exceptional sound quality, ESD Acoustic‘s completely integrated active speaker system, Aviator, redefines the audio experience. Aviator is a line of innovative speaker technology that blends wireless connection and design primarily for use as bluetooth desk speakers, providing an unmatched listening experience.

Stylish and Compact Design for Any Desktop

With its sleek and compact design, Aviator seamlessly blends into any desktop setup. Whether it’s placed on a work desk, gaming station, or home office, Aviator adds a touch of sophistication to any space while delivering exceptional audio performance. Its stylish design and compact footprint make it the perfect choice for modern desktop environments.

Versatile Configuration Options for Customized Listening

Aviator offers versatile configuration options to suit your listening preferences. Enjoy mixed-channel playback with a single main speaker, or pair the main and auxiliary speakers for stereo sound. With Aviator, you have the flexibility to create the perfect audio setup for your desktop, whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or gaming.

Experience the Future of Desktop Audio with Aviator by ESD Acoustic

Elevate your desktop audio experience with Aviator by ESD Acoustic. With its advanced speaker technology, bluetooth connectivity, and stylish design, Aviator is the ultimate choice for Bluetooth desk speakers. Immerse yourself in rich, dynamic sound and discover a new level of audio excellence with Aviator, the ultimate Bluetooth desk speakers by ESD Acoustic.


The ultimate in bluetooth desk speakers is called the Aviator, which is from ESD Acoustic, which combines cutting-edge technology with a stylish appearance and multipurpose use. With Aviator, you can completely change the way you listen on your PC and experience unmatched sound quality. With Aviator by ESD Acoustic, you can discover the best Bluetooth desk speakers available today. Upgrade your audio experience.

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