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Why Should You Use a Welland Body Analyzer Scale?

Given the current status of the planet, human health is receiving increasing focus. A body analyzer scale is an excellent tool for the normal and fitness fanatic to understand their physical state better. Welland‘s specialization is body analyzer scales, which the company also manufactures.

What functions does a body analyzer scale have?

Obesity can be recognized reliably with a single body analyzer scale. Obesity is an abnormal accumulation of body fat and an above-average percentage of body fat. Welland’s body analyzer scale can precisely measure how much fat a person has in their body and evaluate their body fat percentage for an accurate diagnosis of obesity. According to body analyzer scales, which can only measure body weight, individuals who are overweight are not necessarily obese, and those who are normal are not normal, such as weightlifters or low-muscle obesity (invisible obesity). Body analyzer scales can also provide accurate and diversified body composition data, making developing effective and acceptable weight loss plans easier.

A body analyzer scale can determine an individual’s body type. For example, the Welland body analyzer scale can accurately assess body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, waist-to-hip fat ratio, and BMI. The measurement data allows the human body to be divided into nine groups.

Body type analysis: thin/muscular, thin/weak, healthy weight, healthy weight/muscular, thin/obese, overweight/obese


Welland is a manufacturer that specializes in body analyzer scales. The process is carried out at Welland’s world-class facilities, from sensor components to completed assembly. Go to their official website to learn more about Welland’s OEM/ODM services.

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