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6 Things To Help You Find the Right Fit When Using Magnetic Screens for Doors

With the summer warm weather, you have likely spent a lot of time coming in and out of your home and into your backyard or deck. But how frustrating is it always having to open up the screen door and risk insects flying into your home?

There is nothing better at ruining a summer day than coming back inside to discover a ton of creepy crawlers and annoying flying insects roaming your house.

But there is a great solution that exists now that allows you easy access from indoors to outdoors without a sliding door and withing having to worry about all those pesky bugs getting in. The solution is getting magnetic screens for doors. Not only do they outsmart any bug, but they also are proven to be able to keep out all the dirt from getting blown in while equally enabling fresh air and sunlight to freshen up your home.

Magnetic screen doors are certainly not like other screen doors. In fact, they are more like magnetic curtains and have no hinges to deal with. Instead, you will have to panels made of mesh that can easily be framed in your doorway. The panels will then stay in place through magnets in the border of the netting, allowing the two panels to instantly come back together after someone walks through.

There are many different things to consider when it comes to finding the correct fit of your magnetic screens. We have rounded up the top ones to keep in mind when you are adding this important accessory to your home.

  1. Take Measurements

First, make sure that you actually measure the doorway first before you purchase the magnetic screens. Remember, not all doors are created equal. This means that you should not just assume that your magnetic screens will magically fit in any doorway.

So take precise measurements of the door—or window—that you want to install these screens on. This will then help you pick the correct size of screens so it fits perfectly and can actually do the job it was designed to do. If a magnetic screen does not fit in your doorway, there will be holes and space for all of those bugs and dirt to get through.

Don’t stress, there are likely magnetic screens designed for literally any sized door.

  1. Note the Material

Next, you will want to consider the material that the magnetic screen is made from. The best ones are made from fiberglass and polyester, meaning there is little wiggle room to make it actually fit into an area it was not designed for. Fiberglass is preferred because it allows for all that beautiful fresh air to easily flow into your home while also keeping everything else out.

  1. Check the Fastenings

The third thing to consider that will help you find the right fit is the type of fastenings you can use when securing your magnetic screens. There are numerous options that you can choose from. The first one to consider is thumbtacked, which can be installed with the support of an adhesive. These thumbtacks are a form of reinforcement so that the magnetic screens hang securely. Normally they come in the color of the screen so they remain hidden.

The other type of fastening to consider is wind-resistant hasps. This will be important if your home is in an area that tends to get a lot of wind. By having the hasp that can lock in place, the screens will fit securely on the door even when the winds are howling.

  1. A Single or Double Door

This is often a factor that many people don’t think about right away, but it is a really important one for finding the right fit. There are two different doorways, a single door, and a double door. So you will want to match up your magnetic screen door purchase accordingly, getting either a magnetic screen designed for a single door or a double door.

  1. Ease of Installation

You will also want to consider the ease of installation to ensure the right fit of your magnetic screens. In general, there are really simple to install and should most often be a great fit. But you will want to consider if the door normally opens inwardly or outwardly, as this will determine what side of the door to install the frames on.

  1. Durability

Ensuring that your magnetic screen doors will fit great on doors is equally determined by the durability of both the adhesives and the screens themselves. While they are designed to be durable, you do not want to damage them when they can be avoided. You also will want to ensure that the doorway is cleaned and dried properly before securing the adhesives on the frame.


With these six tips, you can ensure that your magnetic screens will be a great fit.

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