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A Guide to Display Ideas for Women’s Clothing Stores

The display of women’s clothing stores is very important. The performance of well-displayed stores is generally not bad, but how do you make your store more perfect and make customers love your store? As long as you master the following points, As long as you master the following points, clothing display ideas are not a problem.

The first thing to analyze is brand positioning and what kind of people your audience is:

  1. Occupation
  2. Age
  3. Consumption ability
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Price

After clarifying the customer group positioning, we can use different display methods and techniques for different groups of people. Usually, women’s clothing is positioned according to age and spending power.

18 to 25 years old: Generally, the price is low, so the color display is the key. The collocation does not require special attention but needs a certain sense of fashion. There is much use of mix-and-match methods, and the walls are mostly displayed in a jumping style.

20-35 years old: There are more college students and women in the workplace, so they are generally divided into commuting and leisure series. These brand customers are relatively petty and require a certain quality, so display personnel’s matching ability and color integration ability are compared. There is generally divided into series and styles first and colors later to keep up with fashion trends.

35-55 years old: Usually, there are more international second-tier brands and domestic first-tier brands, the unit price is relatively high, the fabrics are usually bought out, and more draping is used. Therefore, the customer group is generally the middle class, who require better service and a sense of quality in the display. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to details, the overall matching of shoe and bag accessories, and the matching of different fabric textures. On the contrary, there are no high requirements for color, and more attention is paid to colors and details.


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