Instructions on How to Join the Casino New88 For Beginners

How to join casino New88 is always an issue of concern to many players. In fact, to participate in play at Nhà cái New88 It’s not difficult, we will guide you in the most specific and easy to understand way.

What do you know about bookmakers? New88?

Since 2007, online betting site New88 began to be introduced and put into operation. The main office of the house is located in the capital Manila of the Philippines, in the RCBC Plaza building. This unit operates transparently and publicly under the supervision of Pagcor management agency.

After a period of operation, New88 Expanding the market, providing the market with many casinos in many Asian countries. Thanks to investment and seriousness in business, card game products are of high quality and enthusiastically received by players. Every day, the number of visitors and member registrations increases

So, How to join the casino New88 always at the top of searches. The world of games offered at the house has hundreds, however, we must mention famous card games, typically:

  • Sicbo card game (Sic Bo)
  • Poker card game
  • Head to the South
  • Blackjack
  • Dragon and Tiger card
  • Baccarat

And many other popular betting games such as Sports betting, Cockfighting, Fish shooting, Esport, Lottery… There are many bet levels for players to choose from and open up the opportunity to win and receive rewards for anyone who participates.

How to join the casino New88

You can participate in betting at New88 Very simple, just go through the following steps:

Step 1. Register and open a member account New88

First, players need to go to the house’s website. On the home page, select Register >> In the Account Registration form, fill in your Username >> Fill in your password (contains 8 – 20 characters, including letters and numbers) >> Fill in your first and last name (Needed must match bank account) >> Fill in Email address (If any) >> Fill in phone number >> Verification code will be sent to the form >> Fill in verification code >> Click Register

Step 2. Deposit money

Necessary step in how to join the casino New88 This step is to have “capital” for betting. The operations are very simple and easy to perform

After logging in to the website New88, select Deposit >> Select deposit method >> Fill in the account name to deposit >> Fill in the amount to deposit >> Select the Bank where you registered the account >> Fill in the correct STK >> Check again information >> Click to select Deposit.

All operations are very quick because they are all automatically guided by the system. You just need to fill out the form in the order it is submitted, as long as it is accurate. Only about 5 minutes after confirming the Deposit, the money will be returned to the player’s account. At this point, you can start your journey to conquer card games to receive rewards.

Step 3. Choose a card game to play

This is the final step in how to join the casino New88. From the home page, select Card Game or Casino >> Select the game name >> Click on Bet and start playing the game and waiting to receive the reward.

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Participate in card games at the house New88 What are the advantages?

It is not by chance that players choose this playground. It can be said that this is a game site with many advantages

  • Display New88 beautiful, friendly; The color combination between the black background and yellow spots creates a mystery that wants to be conquered. Instructions on how to join the casino New88 also very clear.
  • Images, sounds, and videos are selected and carefully processed technically, so they are very beautiful and harmonious. The page turning speed is fast and smooth, bringing great emotions to players.
  • Large number of games, variety of betting games, good product quality, all ordered from famous betting game suppliers.
  • Diverse incentives for players, huge promotions. Many periodic promotions and “seasonal” promotions, depending on each event.
  • Professional and methodical customer care service. Permanent staff, 24/7 support. Quickly resolve customer problems and support needs. Therefore, the credibility of the gaming community is given New88 very high.
  • How to join the casino New88 very easy to do. Operations for depositing money into your account or withdrawing bonuses are supported quickly and in a variety of forms. Everything is clear and public. There is absolutely no cheating or stealing of rewards by any customer.
  • As a licensed bookmaker, guaranteed by the law, it has high reliability and players can put 100% trust in them. New88.


Proud to be one of the most prestigious bookmakers in Asia, New88 is a name that many players trust. How to join the casino New88 It’s not difficult at all, all within just 1 note. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started New88 to enjoy relaxing moments and create opportunities to increase your income.

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