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Unmatched Resilience and Performance With Techking Quarry Tire ETSA II

The efficiency and effectiveness of mining and quarrying operations heavily rely on quarry tires. Techking, a dependable tire manufacturer, is committed to offering resilient and high-performing quarry tire solutions. In this article, we explore the key attributes of Techking Quarry Tire ETSA II that elevate their durability and performance.

Superior Float Ability: Maximizing Efficiency

The ETSA II tire stands out with its remarkable float ability, allowing it to glide effortlessly over loose or soft surfaces. This is achieved through the tire’s ladder-block design, which significantly increases the contact area with the ground. The larger contact area spreads the load evenly, reducing the pressure exerted on the ground and minimizing sinking or bogging down. By improving float ability, the ETSA II tire helps quarry operators maintain productivity and efficiency even in challenging terrains.

Excellent Traction and Mud Shedding Performance: Designed for Versatility

Techking’s ETSA II tire excels in delivering exceptional traction and mud-shedding capabilities. The tire’s sloping pattern and groove design are specifically engineered to maximize traction on various surfaces, including loose gravel, rocks, and mud. The sloping pattern effectively grips the ground, providing stability and preventing slippage, even in slippery conditions. Furthermore, the tire’s groove design facilitates efficient mud shedding. The strategically placed grooves help evacuate mud and debris from the tire’s tread, preventing build-up that can compromise traction and performance.


Techking continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and quality by delivering tires that meet the demanding requirements of the quarry industry. The ETSA II tire enables quarry operators to navigate challenging terrains, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain performance even in adverse conditions.

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