How to look at the shape of coin toss – Detailed instructions on how to play coin toss

How to look at the shape of disc jockey is a phrase that many bettors are familiar with, this is a tip to help players gain huge income from playing games. However, there are still many beginners who probably don’t know what this is and how it is used, so don’t miss my tutorial article. Trang Chủ Hi88 you will know more.

What is the way to look at the shape of a disc jockey?

The way to look at the coin toss form is a strategy in the online coin toss game. This playing strategy helps you predict the positions of the four pieces on the table. When these four pieces create an even and symmetrical square, the player will now be able to predict the results more accurately.

However, not every board has such perfect morphology. In many cases, the pieces are arranged randomly and can appear anywhere on the table. whether located in the center or the side edges.

To be successful in this game, players need to observe the coin tossing pattern and understand how it affects betting. Mastering and applying this strategy requires patience and constant practice. Be diligent in observing, learning and practicing to become the most professional and effective disc jockey.

Advantages and disadvantages in looking at the shape of disc jockey


The methods of looking at the shape of the disc give impressive results.

  • Both of these methods have been proven to be highly effective. With a winning rate of up to 80 to 90% for new gamers.
  • An absolutely safe method. There is no cheating and always ensures fairness in the game.
  • This secret also belongs to a separate type of “Skill” for the player. It allows them to apply at any casino. Whether familiar or new, it only takes a few games to get used to it and enjoy the joy of winning.


However, there are also some recognized limitations as follows:

  • This method can be applied at reputable casinos and does not involve cheating.
  • In the case of online play, listening becomes very difficult. Sometimes it’s not possible to apply all of your “Tricks”. Taste can also be obscured by different sounds from background music and the dealer’s voice.
  • Reading also requires finding a table with a very stable shock process. Because if the shock process is uneven, it can be difficult to read the taste accurately.

Some of the most standard ways of looking at the shape of a disc jockey today

We will share with you good playing tips to make it easier for you to see the shape of the coin in the game and lower the bet more effectively. Specifically:

Listen to the sound of the Dealer shaking the disc to read the morpheme

Listening to the standard sound of a coin toss is also an easy way for players to see the shape of a coin toss. The Dealer’s actions are always related to the final result, so as long as the player grasps the trick of “asking for the lottery” it is not difficult to get a big reward for himself.

Bettors should try to count the number of times the dealer shakes the disc in the game. Of course, there is still a risk for us in case the force the house staff uses is strong or light. However, there is a high possibility that the results will still revolve around some cases as follows.

  • An even number of shocks with light intensity will rarely change the shape and will usually keep the same result as the previous game.
  • An odd number of shocks has a high chance of reversal, so you have to reverse it.
  • If the number of shakes is higher, it could be a trap from the house, so don’t close the bet.

The way to look at the shape of the disc jockey is the least risky

Cover betting in coin toss means that instead of choosing a single bet that is easy to lose, the player will bet on at least 2 to 3 bets to increase the chance of winning. Because shape is only a relative factor and can easily change depending on the shaking force of the Dealer. Rarely do players catch the ball correctly to ensure a high win rate.

For example: When we want to bet on odd bets, we should cover the position with 3 white or 3 red. Even if one of the two doors loses, the player can still recover capital from the remaining choice with an attractive rate of about 1:1.6. This way of looking at the shape of coin toss will help players limit heavy losses.

Based on the moving position and analyze specifically

The most beautiful way to look at the shape of the dish is to use one plus two straight lines running perpendicular to each other through the center of the disc separating the middle, creating 4 identical parts. The coins when shaken will usually move within the specified range if the Dealer uses not too much force. We can look at morphemes in a number of cases as follows:

  • Case 1: 2 pieces of the same color will be arranged parallel to each other. At this time, the possibility of the result being changed or reversed is quite low, so players should prioritize placing money on the winning bet in the previous game.
  • Case 2: The white and red pieces will lie parallel vertically or horizontally, the result remains the same. At this time, bettors just need to close the bet like the way the coin toss looks like in case 1.

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Experience in practicing listening to the disc jockey proficiently for players

From the information shared above, Hi88 I think you will understand one thing clearly. To be able to grasp the correct way to listen to the disc jockey, players will have to spend a lot of time. Therefore, to support players with effective practice methods. Below we will suggest to you principles to improve this ability.

  • Absolutely do not let any other sounds enter your ears while playing.
  • Don’t do many things at the same time or think about many random things while playing. Because this easily causes loss of concentration.
  • It’s best to close your eyes and try to hear the disc jockey with 100% of your hearing.

A few notes when applying a more standard way of looking at the shape of the disc

Before participating in betting, bettors should apply these ways of looking at the coin tossing pattern and need to note a few things as follows:

  • Always focus on observing and remembering the heads and tails as well as remembering the colors of the 4 dice.
  • You must memorize the table of disc jockey positions so that you can always apply them accurately.
  • When shaking discs, players always remember to maintain the highest concentration, to avoid being affected by surrounding noise.
  • Only focusing on listening to disc jockeys and not listening while doing other things, you will be easily distracted and make wrong decisions.
  • Players need to prepare a sufficient amount of capital and divide it into reasonable portions to place bets.


Hi88 Hopefully the above ways of looking at coin toss will help you increase your chances of winning. If you want to become a casino god, take advantage of the above tips immediately. And don’t forget to visit the bookmaker’s website Hi88 to be able to update the latest and most useful information. Wishing all of you bettors to always win many victories for yourself.

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