Phom card game – Everything about how to play and the rules of phom card game

Are you a fan of online gambling games? Do you like to participate in card games involving a deck of 52 cards? In addition to traditional Tien Len card games or Mau Binh card games that challenge intelligence, card games phom is a choice for intellectual challenge and entertainment that is also extremely attractive, below Link 789BET Let me share with you an introduction and detailed instructions on how to play this game.

Phom card game is the common name of Ta La

Phom Also known as Ta La, is a card game using a deck of 52 cards. Phom requires a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4, but 4 players will be more special and exciting. .

Phom is a card game that brings moments for players to compete with each other on the betting table. When playing phom, players must be able to skillfully judge their opponents’ card moves and have their own tactical decisions.

Fight phom If you want to win, the player must calculate and find ways to play and discard unnecessary cards and minimize the total score of cards that are not on the phom.

Playing phom is not difficult but requires the ability to guess and practice. Therefore, gamers who want to play games can join online websites to participate in fighting phom No need to find someone to fight directly.

Instructions on how to play and the rules of playing the card game Phom

All card games have terms with different gameplay and rules. In this article, players will be given specific instructions on how to play cards phom

Terminology in Phom card game

To master the game, play phom quickly and effectively. First, you must clearly understand the terminology and understand the meaning of those terms in the card game phom:

Phom: besides being the name of the card game, Phom understood as a string of cards consisting of 3 identical cards or 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, 3 Qs, or 3 5s 6 7 Spades, etc.

Uh: 9 cards are dealt evenly Phom and there are no junk cards

Buzzing round: The cards are all phom and when. Take down the cards in your hand and don’t have any more cards left

U khan: a person who is dealt all the cards but does not make any cards phom It’s called ù khan, you win that hand.

Junk: are cards that cannot be created Phom

Ca: there are 2 pieces about to form Phom.

Snout (Fire): Player fails to defeat one phom when the game ends

Noc (Bubble cards, drawn): These are the remaining cards after being dealt to the player, the player uses them to draw cards when it is their turn.

Taking the pawn: Is the act of taking a player’s card in the last turn

Temple: If your opponent takes all 3 cards to help them create Phom then you will be punished. Or in the case of the last turn, you take the previous player’s pin. At this time, if anyone plays after your turn, the player who just took the pin will have to pay the card. In other special cases, if you cheat, you will also be punished.

Re: The player will be able to play another card if someone takes the pin in the last round. After playing cards, if someone on the table wins, the cards that have been played will move and you have one more turn.

Send: In the last round, if you have any junk cards, combine them to create phom for other players. You will send this card to reduce your score. At the end of the game, the cards sent will not be counted.

How to play Phom card game?

A game of cardsPhomOnline or live play usually has 2 – 4 people participating, playing with 4 people is best and highly entertaining.

The game starts with 4 players, then all 4 players will gather and then the cards will begin to be dealt. Three people are dealt 9 cards, the fourth person will have 10 cards and will be the first to play the card. After the cards are dealt to the players, there will be extra cards left over. The extra cards are the piles placed in the middle of the table for the players to draw when it is their turn.

The first player will play unnecessary trash cards in their hand or to lure other players. The person to the right of the first player is the next person who will receive a turn, if the hand has cards that can be formed Phom With the card played by the previous person, you have the right to take that card. In case you cannot take it, you will draw the venom cards.

Just like that, the turns will take place similarly with the third and fourth person.

After drawing or playing a card, the player will have to choose a card from their hand to play on the table.

When one person Buzzes, the game ends immediately. If no one buzzes, the game will end after 4 rounds.

On the final turn, the player will have to put down the inside cards phom to the table, and have the right to send the extra cards to the table phom Others have taken it down before.

If someone takes a card on the last turn, another player will have a second turn and will pick the last card of the pile, called a re-play. phom.

At the end of the game, if there is no house ù, the players will calculate points together to rank so they can spend their bets.

Rules for playing card games and how to calculate bets when winning

The rules of phom game are very simple and easy to understand and play. Players need to clearly understand the following principles:

– If someone plays O, when all the cards form Phom, the game will end and that person wins.

– If there is no Buzzer, it ends after 4 turns, then the remaining trash cards will be awarded points to calculate win – loss. The player with the lowest total score at the table will be the winner.

– The number of points for each card is determined by the number on that card. Only cards K, Q, J, A are counted as 13, 12, 11, 1 respectively.

– In case players have equal scores, the person who drops their cards first is considered the winner

– The player with Mom (Fire) who cannot defeat any Phom will be considered last and lose.

How to calculate bets when winning

– Eat cards, eat trash: Bets will be multiplied when playing cards in each round. The card on the first turn will win 1 time of the bet. Play cards in the next round, then double or triple them accordingly. The 3rd card alone is worth 4 times the bet plus that person’s card payout.

– Buzz: Each player loses 5 times their bet

– Round buzzing: each player loses 10 times their bet

– Bet: win 4 times the table bet

– Mom (Fire): Penalty is 4 times the bet amount

– Second, third and last place: ranked in order of losing 1 time, 2 times, 3 times the bet

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Tips to know when playing Phom card game

Usually in any card game there needs to be a little trick to lure the opponent. That’s called mother, phom players should also learn some of the following tips to easily win.

First, you need to have the talent to speculate and the ability to remember cards to play unrelated cards, avoiding letting your opponent steal your cards. Then know how to quickly and correctly arrange the cards of the same suit or the most suitable cards.

You should entice the opponent to release the necessary card for you to win. Assuming you have a hand to form phom, play a pair of cards with the same score but not of the same suit in that hand, it will make the opponent curious to release it. Draw cards of the same suit for yourself. This way you can steal your opponent’s cards to create phom.

This tip is the most interesting and that is to find a sitting position that is favorable to the weather – favorable location – harmonious with people. You should choose a playing position after the worst player. This tip is quite humorous, but it’s true that if you sit in the playing positions behind smart people who know how to play decisively Phom then your chances of winning are very difficult.

The trick of sending junk cards should be applied to all hands so that the final score reduction ratio gives you a high chance of winning. Assuming you have a lot of cards left in your hand, you should keep the spam cards that can be sent to the cards phom of opponents. This will help you improve your score and potentially win.

You should focus on the game and carefully observe your opponent’s cards. If you keep playing like you only pay attention to your cards, the possibility of losing is very high.

Instructions on how to play Phom Online card game online

Currently, the online card game Online is attended by many people in large numbers. Among them, articles phom Players are interested in it and spend a lot of time on it.

Phom card game You can play for free at entertainment game websites or log in with your Zalo account or apps on the phone store to register to participate. Phom card game If you play for free, you do not need to deposit money but play for entertainment purposes only.

Or players participating for the purpose of making money and entertainment should choose a reputable house to register to participate in community connection gambling. To play phom card game online on online websites, you should choose a reputable online website and follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an account, register information according to the instructions on that website. Be sure to register accurate and valid information, especially choosing a website with high information security.

Step 2: Once you have an account, log in to the website, then proceed to deposit money into the game

Step 3: Choose Phom card game Then select the table and set the desired bet level.

Things to note when choosing a bookmaker to play Phom:

– You should choose a bookmaker with high ratings and good reviews from participants

– Choose a bookmaker with an operating license and clear legal policies.

– The dealer must commit to protecting customer information

– Promotional activities and incentives must be opened regularly and create all conditions for participants to receive attractive rewards.

– The house’s deposit and withdrawal operations are easy and fast. The bookmaker must be affiliated with large and reputable banks.

– Bookies suggest for players to refer to: HappyLucky .but, Vn88.com, Fun88.bet, 188Bet, …

Phom is a game that brings a lot of fun on holidays or brings moments of entertainment to tiring days of work or study. Through this article, hopefully players will know how to play phom, understand the rules of the game and confidently win.

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